Friday, July 10, 2015

4th Oct. 2011

I arrived here yesterday with a mixed nurve. One of my plans this time in Japan had been a visit to Kesennuma and Rikuzen Takata, two of the most affected cities by the March 11 Tsunami along the North-eastern Pacific coast. There is the famous fishing harbour with massive sea food industry in Kesennuma, and all those normal life amenities such as houses, schools, hospitals, shops and all that in Rikuzen Takata, both of which have been said to be totally destroied.

I'm so stunned seeing the real time situation of both cities that I cannot say much today, but I feel getting a hint of a big thing.
We, human, have began to suffer in this way because of something we are facing in every place even in Kuala Lumpur.

Maybe, it is time to think over, review our ways, live again.
Maybe, we are overdeveloping.

5th Oct. 2011

I've been thinking.
Rikuzen Takata I visited yesterday after Kesennuma was even worse for its flatness and vastness that allowed the tsunami's spread.
The entire city had practically disappeared.

I looked at the debris which had been fairy cleared by now after 7 months. They were all what we see around us in our lives.

Concrete, floor material, ceiling material, plastic goods, tire, car body, parts of chair, table, furniture, window, wall, computer... all of which had been produced in recent age, late 20th century, and 21st century.
In other wards, we are living in debris.
A lot of thinking and I cannot conclude.
A lot of lives were gone as well.

This picture is the remain of a secondary school. I asked the security officer near by to make sure that the pupils had safely evacuated.
No, he said. About half had died, believing no tsunami would come.

I'm saying, we might be overdeveloping.
Over making. Over manufacturing. Over creating. Over working because we have to survive with the current life standard. Therefore over producing. Over trusting the technology. No disaster would come. Over estimating. Under estimating the nature, the fate, maybe god.
...I don't know.
I really do not know.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend in Doha

Yesterday, I walked along Doha bay shoreline called "Al Cornichi" all the way from my hotel somewhere at the right tip in the photograph to the point where the photo was taken. It was great!

On the other hand, the downtown Doha is beautiful authentic place represented by the iconic tower called "The Culture Centre". My work site for heritage conservation is located a 5 minutes walk from here.

I'm a day ahead of you working on Sunday here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Iranian dinner

We went to Souq Waqif for Iranian dinner last night.

No beer, no whisky, no wine, no women, no guitar, no jazz, ...but enjoyed.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I forgot to pass photographs to Vivi, so post them here.

First is the garden bench in "Yumenoshima Park". It's nice with single legs and simple structure.

In the green house, there was wall behch also. Here is the photograph.

The park has flood control lawn as the main attraction to the users. Very effectivfe.

Also, let me inform Mano that I put 2 tags for new songs in the guitar book but couldn't pass it to you.

So, I'm leaving tonight.

See you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I analyze what Vivi said, Mano said and other reacted. Maybe some of Aroma members want to take up music. But they are lazy to attend to a class or possibly no money to pay for a lesson.

So, I suggest a gathering in Aroma community. Maybe a guitar circle.

I'm not good enough to teach people, but OK lah, if your wish is just to learn how to start music in proper way rather than bath room practice only.

Through my poor experience, yet I know how one can be interested in music in casual nature, particularly in the guitar. Maybe once a week basis, I can conduct a guitar staff with some of you. What I do is to distribute copies of easy notes I recommend, and practice for half an hour at the back of Aroma office.

It's good to share what I might possibly be better than you, and in return you can teach me something you are better than me. In this way we all can achieve better than us today.

So I want to know who is interested.
Please post your comments on your interest, what day of the week you prefer, and whether you want to do it before or after Puasa.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some thing is not right

There are many things not quite right in this world. Here is another example.

The out side is over 40 degree Celsius, so air conditioning is very effective here. Very very effective until too effective.

It's bloody cold.

So this woman is using a heater. Mad, isn't it. But you don't blame her. It's really cold.

The other day, I sweat in the gym and came back to my apartment unit.

After running with my card key in my pocket, the magnetic went some thing wrong and I could not open my room when came back.

I walked back the corridor, damn cold, went down the lift to the reception, sneezing several times, asked to check the card, waited for a few minutes, shivering, then only managed to enter my room. By the time I reached, I became a piece of ice.

You go outside, it's 40 degree Celsius.